Virtual Wellbeing

Social Media Design

Illustration of environmental, social, and physical  wellbeing

Virtual Wellbeing - Being Your Best Self

Portland State University Campus Rec Center is focused on wellbeing in all aspects. Virtual Wellbeing was launched by Campus Rec in Spring of 2020.

This project highlighted 8 different dimensions of wellbeing and how members of Campus Rec could focus on each dimension during a time of being remote and virtual.

wheel with eight dimensions of wellbeing

With this project I created bright illustrations that visualize different aspects in each wellbeing dimension.

The Virtual Wellbeing Campaign was launched through social media where Campus Rec members were asked to share their experiences and insights into their own wellbeing.


Spring 2020 Schedule

Web Document Design
Print Design

Mockup of Spring Schedule Cover with two women wearing Pride shirts

Every term Campus Rec releases a schedule that provides all the programs, classes, and events that will be offered that term. I had the opportunity to design the schedule for Spring of 2020. 

I designed a schedule that was easy to navigate and approachable using a strict grid system, color coordination, and type hierarchy.

10 Year Anniversary

Print Design
Web Design
Collateral Design
Social Media Design

10 year anniversary web banner

Celebrating 10 Years at Campus Rec

In 2020 Campus Rec celebrated 10 years of being located in the Academic and Student Resource Center building on campus at Portland State University.

Before the ASRC building was built over the Portland Blue Cross Water Bureau Building, Campus Rec programs and classes were spread throughout the Portland State Campus in different buildings.

Mockup of a poster of 10 years at campus rec "Then and Now"
10 year anniversary logo
I designed an inclusive and celebratory theme to use across all the collateral derived from the shapes used in the 10 Year logo.

For this project I designed social media marketing, digital marketing for web and digital display around campus, print collateral, and printed banners that were on display in the Campus Rec Courts and weightroom. 

Mockup of four instagram posts for 10 year anniversary events

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