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About Forage

When I moved to the Pacific Northwest I quickly fell in love with the local fare and wanted to learn more about going out and gathering berries, mushrooms, and herbs that grow naturally in the wild.

Forage was created for the explorers, the curious, and those who are not afraid to get their hands a little dirty.

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Forage is a quarterly publication that highlights what bounties can be unearthed in Pacific Northwest Forests each season.

As a novice gatherer myself, I wanted to create a publication that not only shared what’s growing, but also included safety guidelines, and identification maps

Forage connects the wild with community

Each issue includes a Welcome to the Club Section that lists different foraging groups of all levels of expertise, as well as events that celebrate each harvest.

An image of a group of people in the forage looking at mushrooms and an image of mushrooms growing on a tree placed over a tan rectangle

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