Surreal Lands

3D Render
Photography Composites
Personal Project

Daydreams and feelings brought to life 

These surrealistic landscapes are an on-going personal project of mine. Each image is a representation of an event or feeling that words don’t quite capture.

3-D render of charcoal rocks with red bushes growing in between the spaces and a fog

When I began creating these landscapes in 2012, I would photograph each element and then digitally composite them in post production. Recently I have started to explore the world of digital 3-D design and I have been rendering elements within each scene using Adobe Dimension.

Photography compilation of mushrooms and moss growing out of a glass sphere

By photographing or rendering natural elements and adding unnatural elements, there is a sense of reality, and at the same time, an non-existent reality which I crave in moments of mundaneness.


©Kacie Cooper 2020