The Depth of Sound 

Thesis project 2019

The Approach
I explored the question: Are whales changing their communication?

I came to this question after reading a study  which discussed that whale vocalizations were getting increasingly lower in tone to compensate for the increase of noise pollution in the oceans.

This entire project was an exploration into whale behavior studies, listening to recordings, creating alternative research methods, interviewing a whale researcher, and creating a call to action.

Alternative Research
To give perspective as to how noise pollution in large amounts can alter behavior, I performed an alternative form of research. 

As a method of alternative research, I gathered sound recordings of different forms of noise pollution present on the Pacific Northwest Coast. Then I played all the sound clips at once in the middle of a group of people who were having normal conversation. There was a mixed reaction, but overall it was noted that noise pollution changed everyone's behavior.

Primary Research
To further explore how noise pollution affects whale behavior I interviewed a marine biologist whose speciality were whales.